Sierra Gear and Axle

Differential Repair and Installation Kits from Sierra Gear and Axle are the most complete in the industry. We assemble each kit using only the highest quality components. Each of our kits are designed to ensure a trouble-free installation and long lasting performance. Several different kits are available for each application, each tailored for the type of differential repair being performed. Whether you’re doing a complete differential repair, differential gear ratio change, budget rebuild or pinion bearing replacement, we have got the ideal kit for you.

Differential Repair & Installation Kits

AMC Master Kit Bearing Kit Pinion Kit Mini Kit
MODEL 20 IK M20 BK M20 PK M20 MK M20
MODEL 35 IK M35 BK M35 PK M35 MK M35
CHRYSLER Master Kit Bearing Kit Pinion Kit Mini Kit
7.25″ IK C7.25 BK C7.25 PK C7.25 MK C7.25
8″ Front BK C8
8″ Front BK C8B
8.25″ ’70-’75 IK C8.25 BK C8.25 PK C8.25 MK C8.25
8.25″ ’76 & Up IK C8.25B BK C8.25B PK C8.25B MK C8.25
8.75″ 41 Case 2 Pinion IK C8.75 BK C8.75
8.75″ 42 Case 2 Pinion IK C8.75B BK C8.75B PKC8.75B
8.75″ 89 Case 2 Pinion IK C8.75C BK C8.75C PK C8.75C
8.75″ 41 Case 4 Pinion IK C8.75D BK C8.75D
8.75″ 42 Case 4 Pinion IK C8.75E BK C8.75E
8.75″ 89 Case 4 Pinion IK C8.75F BK C8.75F
9.25″ IK C9.25 BKC9.25 PK C9.25 MK C9.25
9.25″ Front BK C9.25F
10.5″ BK C10.5
11.5″ IK C11.5 BK A11.5 MK C11.5
FORD Master Kit Bearing Kit Pinion Kit Mini Kit
7.5″ IK F7.5 BK F7.5 PK F7.5 MK F7.5
8″ IK F8 BK F8 PK F8 MK F8
8.8″ IK F8.8 BK F8.8 PK F8.8 MK F8.8
9″ ’70 & Up IK F9 BK F9 PK F9 MK F9
9″ ’69 & Down 28 Spline IK F9B BK F9B PK F9 MK F9
9″ ’69 & Down 31 Spline IK F9C BK F9C PK F9 MK F9
9″ 31 Spline Big Pinion IK F9BRC
9″ 35 Spline Big Pinion IK F9BRD
9″ Daytona LM102910 IK F9HDA BK F9HDA
9″ Daytona LM501310 IK F9HDB BK F9HDB
9″ Daytona LM603011 IK F9HDC BK F9HDC
9″ Daytona LM104911 IK F9HDD BK F9HDD
9.75″ IK F9.75 BK F9.75 PK F9.75 MK F9.75
9.75″ 2000 & Up IK F9.75B BK F9.75B PK F9.75B MK F9.75B
10.25″ IK F10.25 BK F10.25 PK F10.25 MK F10.25
10.5″ IK F10.5 BK F10.5 PK F10.5 MK F10.5
DANA Master Kit Bearing Kit Pinion Kit Mini Kit
27 IK D27 BK D27 PK D27 MK D27
28 IK D28 BK D28 PK D28 MK D28
30 Front IK D30F BK D30F PK D30F MK D30F
30 Rear IK D30R BK D30R PK D30R MK D30R
30 TJ 97-00 IK D30TJ BK D30F-B MK D30TJ
30 TJ 01 & Up IK D30TJ-B BK D30TJ-B PKD30TJ-B MK D30TJ-B
30 WJ ’99 & Up IK D30WJ BK D30WJ
30 ZJ ’92-’96 IK D30ZJ BK D30F-B PK D30ZJ MK D30ZJ
Explorer ’01 & Up BK D30F-C
D30 JK Non Rubicon Front IK D30JK-F BK D30JK-F PK D30JK-F MK D30JK-F
D30 KJ Liberty IK D30KJ BK D30KJ PK D30KJ MK D30KJ
Model 35 IK M35 BK M35 PK M35 MK M35
Model 35 ’99 & Up WJ IK M35WJ BK M35 MK M35WJ
44 IK D44 BK D44 PK D44 MK D44
44 Dodge 94 & Up IK D44D BK D44D MK D44D
44 19 Spline IK D44-19 BK D44-19 PK D44-19
44 Isuzu Rodeo 98-04 IK D44I BK D44I PK D44I MK D44I
44 Salisbury OEM R&P BK D44JAG
44 Dana R&P BK D44JAG-B
44 JK Non Rubicon IK D44JK BK D44JK PK D44JK MK D44JK
44 JK Rubicon Rear IK D44JKR BK D44JKR PK D44JKR MK D44JKR
44 JK Rubicon Front IK D44JKR-F BK D44JKR-F PK D44JKR-F MK D44JKR-F
44 Rubicon TJ 03-06 IK D44RUB BK D44RUB PK D44RUB MK D44RUB
44 Nissan Titan Rear BK D44T
44 Nissan Titan Front BK D44T-F
44 WJ 99-00 IK D44WJ BK D44WJ PK D44WJ MK D44WJ
44 WJ 01 & Up IK D44WJ-B BK D44WJ-B PK D44WJ-B MK D44WJ-B
44 ZJ 96-98 IK D44ZJ BK D44ZJ PK D44ZJ MK D44ZJ
50 IK D50 BK D50 PK D50 MK D50
50 01 & Up IK D50B BK D50B PK D50B MK D50B
60 IK D60 BK D60 PK D60 MK D60
60 00 & Up Ford, 04 Dodge IK D60B BK D60B PK D60B MK D60B
60 Ford Rear 01 & Up IK D60C BK D60C PK D60C MK D60C
70 IK D70 BK D70 PK D70 MK D70
70 U IK D70U BK D70U PK D70U
70U Ford 02 & Up IK D70U-B BK D70U-B PK D70U-B MKD70U-B
80 IK D80 BK D80 PK D80 MK D80
80 ’98.5 & Up IK D80B BK D80B PK D80B
80 Dodge 01-02 IK D80C BK D80C
GM Master Kit Bearing Kit Pinion Kit Mini Kit
55 Chevy IK GM55 BK GM55 PK GM55 MK GM55
63-79 Corvette IK VET BK VET PK VET MK VET
Corvette Getrag BK VETGR
7.25″ IFS IK GM7.25 BK GM7.25 PK GM7.25 MK GM7.25
7.5″ ’82 & Up IK GM7.5 BK GM7.5 PK GM7.5 MK GM7.5
7.5″ ’81 & Down IK GM7.5E BK GM7.5E PK GM7.5E MK GM7.5
7.6″ ’00 & Up IK GM7.6 BK GM7.6 PK GM7.6 MK GM7.6
7.75″ Borg Warner IK GM7.75 BK GM7.75 PK GM7.75
8″ IK GM8 BK GM8
8.2″ IK GM8.2 BK GM8.2 PK GM8.2 MK GM8.2
8.2″ Buick/Olds/Pontiac IK BP8.2 BK BP8.2 PK BP8.2 MK BP8.2
8.25″ IFS IK GM8.25 BK GM8.25 PK GM8.25 MK GM8.25
8.5″ IK GM8.5 BK GM8.5 PK GM8.5 MK GM8.5
8.5″ Eaton, Detroit, AG Pro IK GM8.5E BK GM8.5E MK GM8.5
8.5″ Front IK GM8.5F BK GM8.5F PK GM8.5F MK GM8.5F
8.5 BOP IK BP8.5 BK BP8.5 PK BP8.5
8.6″ ’96-99 IK GM8.6 BK GM8.6 PK GM8.6 MK GM8.6
8.6″ ’99 & Up IK GM8.6B BK GM8.6B MK GM8.6B
8.6″ Eat, Det, AG Pro 96-99 IK GM8.6E BK GM8.6E
8.75″ 12B R/G 10B Cover IK GM8.75 BK GM8.75
8.875″ 10 Bolt IK GM8.875 BK GM8.875
12 Bolt Passenger IK GM12P BK GM12P PK GM12P MK GM12P
12 Bolt Truck IK GM12T BK GM12T PK GM12T MK GM12T
9.25″ IFS IK GM9.25 BK GM9.25 MK GM9.25
9.5″ IK GM9.5 BK GM9.5 PK GM9.5 MK GM9.5
9.5″ ’96 & Up IK GM9.5B BK GM9.5B PK GM9.5B MK GM9.5B
10.5″ ’88 & Down IK GM10.5 BK GM10.5 PK GM10.5 MK GM10.5
10.5″ ’88-96 & Up IK GM10.5B BK GM10.5B PK GM10.5B MK GM10.5B
10.5″ ’96 & Up IK GM10.5C BK GM10.5C PK GM10.5C MK GM10.5C
11.5″ IK GM11.5 BK A11.5
HO72 w/o Load Bolt IK GMHO72 BK GMHO72 PK GMHO72
HO72 w/ Load Bolt IK GMHO72B BK GMHO72B PK GMHO72B
TOYOTA Master Kit Bearing Kit Pinion Kit Mini Kit
Landcruiser ’90 & Up IK TOYLC-B BK TOYLC-B
7.5″ Rear & IFS Basic IK TOY7.5 BK TOY7.5 PK TOY7.5 MK TOY7.5
7.5″ IFS 4-’88 & Up IK TOY7.5B BK TOY7.5B
8″ ’85 & Down & Aftermkt. IK TOY7.8 BK TOY7.8 PK TOY7.8 MK TOY7.8
8″ ’86 & Up IK TOY7.8B BK TOY7.8B PK TOY7.8B MK TOY7.8
Tacoma w/o Locker BK TOYTAC
Tacoma w/ Locker IK TOYTAC-L BK TOYTAC-L
IMPORTS Master Kit Bearing Kit Pinion Kit Mini Kit


Axle Install Kits/ Axle Bearing & Seal Kits

Application: Sierra Gear Part #
Astro Van AK ASTRO
8.5″ GM ’88> 2.8″ OD Axle Kit AK C10
11.5” Chrysler Dually Full Float AK C11.5
11.5” Chrysler Single Full Float AK C11.5B
Dana 36 Corvette ’84-’96 AK D36
Dana 44 Front ’60-’77 GM, ’59-’96 Ford, ’69-’94 Dodge AK D44F
Dana 44 Front Ford ’77-’79 ¾ Ton 8-Lug AK D44F-B
Dana 44 Front ¾ Ton ’60-’77 GM, ’59-’77 Ford AK D44F-C
Dana 44 Corvette ’80-’82 AK D44ICA
Dana 44 Corvette ’84-’96 Std. AK D44ICA-HD
Dana 44 Jeep JK / Nissan Titan AK D44JK
Dana 60 Front Hub Bearing Kit AK D60
Dana 60-80 Ford, Dana 80 F350 ’99-‘08 AK D60F-FF
Dana 60 Chrysler Van ’77-’02, Ford Van – ’68-‘79 AK D60FD-FF
Dana 60 GM ’65-’72 Rear AK D60GM-FF
Dana 60 Front Hub Rebuild Kit AK D60HK
Dana 60, Dana 70 Dana 80 Chrysler ’74-’02 28682 AK D70D-FF
Dana 60, Dana 70 Dana 80 Chrysler ’74-’02 45291 AK D70D-FF-B
Dana 80 Ford F450 ’88-‘91 AK D80
Dana 80 Ford F450 ’92-‘98 AK D80B
Dana 80 Ford F450 ’99-‘08 AK D80C
10.25” Ford Full Float, Dana 80 F350 ’86-‘98 AK F10.25FF
10.5” Ford Full Float AK F10.5
1561 Chrysler/Ford AK F1561
8.8 Ford IFS AK F8.8F
8”, 8.8” Ford IRS Car AK F8.8R-C
8.8”, 9.75” Ford IRS Truck AK F8.8R-T
10.5” Dana 60 / Dana 70  ‘73> Full Float AK GM10.5
11.5”, 10.5” GM Full Float Disc AK GM11.5
9.5” GM R1561 TV AK GM1561
7.25” GM ’83-’94 Right or Left, ‘95-‘96 Left AK GM7.25
7.25” GM ‘95-‘96 Right AK GM7.25B
7.25” GM ‘97> Left – 1.50” AK GM7.25C
7.25” GM ‘97> Right All AK GM7.25D
7.25” GM ‘97> Left – 1.85” AK GM7.25E
7.25” GM ‘01> Pan Mount Right AK GM7.25F
7.25” GM ‘01> Pan Mount Left AK GM7.25G
8.25” GM ‘97< Left AK GM8.25
8.25” GM ‘97< Right AK GM8.25B
8.25” GM ‘97> Left AK GM8.25C
8.25” GM Late ‘97 Right AK GM8.25D
8.25” GM ‘98> Right AK GM8.25E
8.5” GM ’77-’88, Dana 44 ‘77-‘79 8-Lug AK GM8.5F
9.25 GM ‘97< Left AK GM9.25
9.25 GM ‘97< Right AK GM9.25B
9.25 GM ‘98> Left AK GM9.25C
9.25 GM ‘98> Right AK GM9.25D
Model 35 ‘90>, Dana 44 Jeep ZJ ’96-’98 C-Clip AK M35
Dana 44 Axle Bearing & 9912 Outer Seal AK SET10
Model 35 Axle Bearing & 2146 Outer Seal AK SET9
Toyota ’69-’00 Non-ABS Rear AK TOY
Toyota ’76-’85, ’76-’97 Landcruiser AK TOY-F
Toyota ’86-’98 Truck Only Front AK TOY-F-B
Corvette ’63-‘79 AK VET
Model 35, Dana 44 WJ Bolt-In Axle Kit AK WJ
1563 5707 2.20” O.D. Axle Kit AK 5707
1559 6408 2.5” O.D. Axle Kit AK 6408
Durango ‘04>, ½ Ton ‘07> AK 6410


Guide to Differential Repair, Rebuild and Installation Kit Contents:

Sierra Gear differential rebuild kits are typically assembled with OEM Components, including Timken or Koyo Bearings and National or Spicer Seals

Master Rebuild Kit (IK) – Our most complete Differential Rebuild Kit.

  • Pinion and Carrier Bearings
  • Pinion Seal
  • Pinion Shims (where applicable)
  • Pinion Nut
  • Crush Sleeve or Depth Shims (where applicable)
  • Ring Gear Bolts (most applications)
  • O-Ring (where applicable)
  • Gear Marking Compound & Brush
  • Loctite
  • Cover Gasket or Silicone
  • Carrier Super Shims (where applicable)
  • Slingers & Baffle (where applicable)
  • Installation Instructions

Bearing Rebuild Kit (BK) – Rebuild kit for installers that already have shims and small parts.

  • Pinion and Carrier Bearings
  • Pinion Seal
  • O-Ring (where applicable)
  • Pinion Nut
  • Crush Sleeve or Depth Shims (where applicable)

Pinion Rebuild Kit (PK) – Ideal for low mileage ring & pinion gear ratio changes with no carrier change.

  • Pinion Bearings
  • Pinion Seal
  • Pinion Shims (where applicable)
  • Crush Sleeve or Depth Shims (where applicable)
  • O-Ring (where applicable)
  • Gear Marking Compound & Brush

Mini Rebuild Kit (MK) – For low mileage vehicles doing ring & pinion gear ratio changes.

  • Pinion Seal
  • Pinion Shims (where applicable)
  • Crush Sleeve or Depth Shims (where applicable)
  • Ring Gear Bolts (most applications)
  • O-Ring (where applicable)
  • Gear Marking Compound & Brush
  • Loctite
  • Carrier Super Shims (where applicable)
  • Installation Instructions

Axle Kit (AK)Axle Bearing/Wheel Bearing and Seal Kits

  • Axle Bearings
  • Axle Seals
  • Bearing Retainers (where applicable)

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