Eaton E-Locker

The Eaton Electric Locker® provides an on demand lock actuated by an electrical switch that provides the current to electromagnetic coil. The coil activates a ball ramp that engages lock pins between the side gear and the case. When de-activated, the unit operates as an open differential. It does not require any special lubricants. The E-Locker® is compatible with other electrical traction control systems.

  1. Provides full axle lock on demand.
  2. Maintenance free; requires no special lube or additives.
  3. E-locker can be controlled by manual switch or by ECU.
  4. Compatible for use in front or rear axles.Principle of Operation Electromagnetic coil activates ball ramp which locks the case to the side gears producing 100% lock-up.

Инструкция по установке Eaton E-Locker