Eaton Detroit Locker

Блокировки дифференциала Eaton Detroit Locker

The Detroit Locker® is a fully automatic locking differential well known throughout the years for it’s premium performance and dependable operation. It maximizes traction by delivering 100% of the torque and power to both drive wheels. Engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, it unlocks automatically to permit necessary wheel speed differentiation. Also available for many c-clip applications.

  • Improved design performs like standard (open) differential in normal driving...until you need it.
  • Limits wheel spin on wet, muddy and icy terrain for maximum traction.
  • Improves handling and increases tread life by allowing differences in wheel speed when turning or operating on uneven surfaces.
  • Dependable, rugged automatic system.
  • Smooth operation - even in front drive steering axles.

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