Cardone Industries Auto Parts

Whether your vehicle has been prowling the streets since the 1960s or just rolled off the dealer’s lot, Cardone Industries is your source for replacement parts! Shop our huge selection of Cardone Industries products, including Cardone Select (new) and A1 Cardone (remanufactured) brake components, drivetrain parts, air/fuel delivery products, and more.

Cardone Select (Новые)

Cardone Industries has used its 40-plus years of remanufacturing experience to identify typical product weaknesses and then develop brand new products that are simply better. These Cardone Select parts deliver OE fit and function, are computer tested for quality and reliability, and have been 100% appearance inspected. Cardone Select products are built better from the start!

A1 Cardone (Восстановленные до состояния новых)

Through reverse engineering, Cardone Industries produces the highest quality remanufactured parts available: A1 Cardone. These parts are made with the most advanced remanufacting processes, feature 100% replacement of critical rubber wear components, and are backed by the industry’s best warranties.