Portal Axles

AxleTech offers a range of Portal Steer and Rigid drive axles based on the 3000 Series and 4000 Series carrier families.  With portal axles the axle input is raised above the wheel end centerline.  Input power travels through the carrier and axle shafts to spur gears at each wheel end that provide additional reduction and also a drop of 4.8” from axle shaft to wheel end centerline.  This configuration allows for greater ground clearance under the axle center.  The most common applications are military, forestry, and municipal service vehicles.

The axles can be equipped with several different options including Central Tire Inflation (CTI), traction control differentials, ABS, variable input locations to improve drivetrain packaging, and various mounting pad options.  Brake options include hydraulic disc and air actuated wedge. 

AxleTech Portal Axles are a good choice for customers that require a balance of good On-Road speed and performance while also providing excellent Off-Road mobility through increased ground clearance.     

Available Products:

3000 Series (7.84K lbs / 3.5 t)
4000 Series (15.5K lbs / 7.0 t)

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